Teeth Whitening


Olson Dental provides patients with the much anticipated cosmetic dental procedure known as Teeth Whitening. This popular and non-invasive treatment of improving the appearance of the teeth will improve and enhance the natural color of the teeth. At Olson Dental, Dr. Olson provides his patients with an in-office bleaching and take-home custom whitening trays.


The mechanism behind the natural color of the teeth is very simple. The enamel is the outer natural layer of the teeth. The enamel covers an inner layer called dentin that is right below it. We notice the teeth’s natural color as light reflects off from the enamel.

The surface of the enamel consists of tiny pores that are capable of trapping food particles during the course of time. Regardless of following routine oral hygiene practices, it will be impossible to remove the stains caused due to the prolonged accumulation of food particles inside these pores. For those who simply can’t stand the stain, we recommend them to use cosmetic whitening procedures.

Here are some of the possible reasons for staining:

  • Consistent use of tobacco.
  • Drinking beverages such as tea, coffee, wine, etc.
  • Irregular oral hygiene of the teeth.


Teeth whitening is the most popular type of dental cosmetic procedure. This procedure will help to get rid of staining and discoloration from the teeth. Dr. Olson at Mateo provides teeth whitening for his patients in order to help them attain the natural glow of their teeth.


Everyone longs for a stain-free smile! This cosmetic procedure of teeth whitening has several benefits. Teeth whitening will help patients attain a natural glow in their teeth and improve confidence.


At Olson Dental, we provide our patients with the luxury of attaining in-office bleaching as well as take-home custom whitening trays. The in-office bleaching method of treatment can be completed in one office visit. The bleaching gel will be applied to the teeth by the dentist after which the gel is activated with the help of UV light.

Custom trays are designed to fit the patient’s teeth. It will involve taking impressions of the patient’s teeth before customizing the trays. We provide our patients with custom trays and over the counter whitening or bleaching gels so that patients can apply and use the whitening gel with comfort at home. As these trays are made out of plastic, they are comfortable and easy to wear. Patients will be given advice and tips by Dr. Olson on the best ways to use the take-home custom whitening trays.

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