Orthodontics is a specialty field of dentistry that deals with correcting the alignment of the teeth and the jawbone. Most people sought out for orthodontic care in order to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. One of the most commonly used dental appliances to correct misaligned teeth are braces, which will greatly improve the alignment of the teeth. Other remedies used to correct them are removable retainers, Invisalign, and others.

Some of the common orthodontic problems are crowding of the teeth, excessive space between teeth, problems related to jaw growth, protruding teeth, bad bites, etc. They are generally the result of genes or due to injury.


Orthodontic appliances are generally bonded to the teeth. In some cases, they can be removed as well. they are either made up of metal, ceramic or plastic. The braces generally shift the teeth back to their original position when a small amount of force is carefully applied to them. The wires used are less visible and more comfortable on the onset of the shift.

Earlier, a metal band with brackets was placed around each tooth to correct orthodontic problems. But now, patients can choose to have a complete orthodontic treatment with the help of the Damon Braces and Invisalign.


Olson Dental at San Mateo now provides their patients with the Damon System. It is a new-age advanced technology that is used by dentists in order to straighten the teeth and correct the bite. This advanced system now allows patients at San Mateo to simplify their orthodontic treatment.

The Damon system of treatment involves using braces that use the “sliding door technology”. A good example of this is the self-ligating dental brace. Self-ligating braces use this technology instead of using elastic bands. This allows smooth and better movement of the teeth, which in turn, helps to speed up your orthodontic treatment.


Dr. Olson suggests that orthodontic treatment using Damon braces are different and unique unlike treatment using the traditional orthodontic braces. Damon system avoids the need for elastic bands thereby improving the pace of the orthodontic treatment. It is also proved that orthodontic treatment by using Damon braces are far more comfortable than the traditional ones. As these braces don’t use elastic bands, patients wouldn’t have to keep visiting the dentist more often for adjustments.


Damon Braces are generally self-ligating braces that use the sliding technology to correct orthodontics problems of the teeth. They use light wires making the treatment more comfortable and quicker. Dr. Olson at San Mateo provides patients with Damon Braces for orthodontic treatment. Let’s look into the features of this new technology.

Damon Braces:

  • Do not require to be tightened.
  • Are comfortable to wear without causing discomfort to the tissues of the mouth.
  • Are helpful in quickening the pace of the treatment.
  • Use wires that are advanced and improve the quality of the treatment.
  • Helps to correct misalignments and improve facial aesthetics
  • Are easy to clean and convenient to wear.
  • Help to ensure oral hygiene as they are easier to clean while brushing and flossing.


Damon braces possess a significant advantage over the traditional braces. Here is why:

  • They help to speed up the orthodontic treatment.
  • They are comfortable to wear during the period of treatment.
  • The sliding door technology lessens the need to worry about loosen elastic bands.
  • Wearing Damon Braces causes lesser pain as compared to the traditional metal braces.
  • Patients can ensure to maintain oral hygiene in spite of wearing braces.


Invisalign, the orthodontic appliance, has paved excellent results for patients who are coping with dental dilemmas for years. Dr. Olson at San Mateo provides his patients with this new-age technology to correct orthodontic problems for both adults and children. They are proven to be the most sought-after aligners recommended by dentists because of their easy-to-use feature and much more.

Invisalign are clear aligners that are used to rectify the alignment of misaligned teeth. They are removable aligners made to fit exactly into the shape of the teeth. Aligners are customized and fabricated for patients in order to mend cases of misalignment and the excessive gap between the teeth. Aligners can be worn by teens as well as adults.


Before getting aligners, your dentist will take a quick scan which includes preparing 3D images of your teeth. Scans for this process are generally done in order to draw out a treatment plan, recognize the exact movement of the teeth and to rule out an approximate period of treatment.

Invisalign aligners will be engineered using a computerized technology where the aligner is developed with the help of these 3D graphical images. Every edge of the aligner will be custom made to suit your needs. Aligners provide the patient with the liberty of removing them while eating and brushing, thereby helping patients to maintain proper oral hygiene.


Invisalign sets them apart from the others as they are known to be the most user-friendly dental appliance amongst patients. Invisalign are removable orthodontic tools, making them the next-level alternative to orthodontic treatment.

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend Invisalign:

  • They are translucent in the material, making them look virtually invisible. This will allow patients to wear them with confidence, unlike the traditional braces that stand out.
  • Invisalign will not prevent you from eating and drinking your favorite food as they are removable.
  • Invisalign is comfortable to wear as they are non-metallic.
  • Their non-metallic texture prevents any breakage or loosening.
  • Allows patients to easily observe results.

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